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About Us

FRUVE NATURAL FOODS is located in Izmir, Turkey. Founded on a 6 ha. land, we are a state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable processing plant.

Our custom-built ovens make products with superior taste, ensure homogenous drying, as well as consistent product quality throughout the years.

All preparation, processing and oven drying is completed inside our refrigerated High-Care Low-Care facility. The risks encountered with sun dried products such as high microbiological counts and contaminants (stones, insects, insect eggs or plant foreign materials) are never found in our products due to our meticulous Quality Assurance system, High-Care Low-Care production system and our proprietary oven drying technology.

Fruits and vegetables are oven dried in the following formats:

  • Oven Semi Dried IQF     Frozen   -18 °C storage

  • Oven Dried          Room Temperature storage

We also offer products that are frozen fresh:


  • IQF Frozen          -18 °C storage



We never outsource any of the processing steps to an outside facility; we only use the systems and machinery in our plant. Our enclosed system ensures top product quality and hygiene levels. This means the best tasting and safest food for our customers.

For IQF products, we use cryogenic freezing technology using CO₂ (carbon dioxide). When thawed, CO₂ freezing ensures superior taste compared to alternative less expensive gases.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is available and can be provided when requested.


Quality Assurance

Through our work systems and with the aid of mobile technology, we track and keep a record of name of farmer, location of field and type of seed, fertilizer and pesticides used, when they are used.

We work with contract farmers. Our salaried agronomists visit every farm routinely to record plant and crop health, fertilizers and chemicals used. They also subscribe solutions to whatever problems our farmers might be facing, keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding fields for signs of troubles.

When the harvest period arrives, our agronomists oversee harvest process and we receive produce at its peak ripeness.

Though no system is ever perfect, and if there is a problem, then our customers have the peace of mind in knowing that FRUVE can track the problem to the finest detail and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

At FRUVE, we carry out all processing steps in-house, no step is out sourced. Our system works and that's why our motto states:


"FRUVE means QUALITY, and that's our PROMISE!"


 Ismetpasa Mah. Cali Sk. No: 3, 35980 Dikili, Izmir, TURKEY


Sağancı Mah. Tatartepe Sok. No:12/A, Yenice, 35700 Bergama/İzmir, Turkey

Phone   +90 (0) 232 641 82 00

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