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About Our Agricultural Companies

Mavuk family has been in farming for generations.

MÜBAY Seracilik A.S. is engaged in fresh tomato farming, while TEVAZU Gida A.S. is the food manufacturing arm. Finally FRUVE Naturals A.S. is engaged in sales and marketing activities for the products of these two companies.

All 3 companies are wholly owned by the Mavuk family.


Our Values

  • To protect the health of our customers and team members through 100% natural food production

  • To farm and process food with environmental sensibilities To actively engage in social responsibility projects, in order to improve the socio-economic well-being of farmers and local citizens

  • To constantly seek improvements in our systems, operations and product line


Mehmet MAVUK Our Founder

Sustainable Agriculture


12 months of the year our salaried agricultural engineers visit contract farmers on a routine basis. In every visit they evaluate the plant and crop health, as well as the health of the cultivation in the surrounding fields.

If there is a threat or the tell-tale signs of trouble, they advise the farmer the actions to take. And they visit again to oversee the application of whatever action subscribed.

By enforcing strict control over our contract farmers, we receive the highest quality crop and diminished ecological foot-print while improving the knowledge of our farmers.

Mubay GreenHouse

We are a family company and our roots are firmly planted in farming. Our GLOBALG.A.P. and ITU accredited greenhouses are located just 5 km from our FRUVE Natural Foods plant. At our greenhouse, we grow with complete computer automation.

We use gray water collection and recycling systems to mix our fertilizer run off water back into our irrigation water. This system protects surrounding farmlands, nearby rivers and aquifers. As an added advantage, we benefit from reduced production costs.

We also use IPM techniques (integrated pest management) during cultivation. Just one aspect is the predatory insects (Nesidiocoris tenuis) which roam freely inside the greenhouse and feed on pests. These pests would otherwise have to be eliminated using chemical pesticides. As a result, our greenhouse team does not get in contact with chemicals, and our tomatoes are healthier for our customers.

MUBAY greenhouse produce are sold in local and international markets in fresh produce isle. When requested, we will be happy to oven dry these tomatoes at our plant.


 Ismetpasa Mah. Cali Sk. No: 3, 35980 Dikili, Izmir, TURKEY


Sağancı Mah. Tatartepe Sok. No:12/A, Yenice, 35700 Bergama/İzmir, Turkey

Phone   +90 (0) 232 641 82 00

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