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Fruve Production

We pack high quality moisture resistant in different sizes for our customers.


                              CONTRACT FARMERS

We make contracts with farmers to procure fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our agricultural engineers visit farmers to audit their farmland before the planting season. We provide seedlings and initial funds to start farm work, and continue to visit farms throughout the growing and harvest periods. During our visits we provide training and agricultural advice, and review their compliance to our strict FRUVE Crop Acceptance Specifications.

Our visits ensure zero hormone use and drastic reduction in chemical use at our contract farms.

We have 90% year to year retention rate with our contract farmers. Our win-win system is beneficial to all stakeholders: farmers are economically better off, our crops are healthier, our final products are better tasting and higher quality, and finally our customers are most pleased with our products. Perhaps most important of all, the long-term productivity of the soil is secured; the next generation of farmers continue to have an economic future.


Our production and a whole range of products are BRC, Halal and Kosher certified. We also manufacture according to an array of International Food Codex including the EU's Food Regulations and USA's FDA standards. In order to stay compliant to multiple norms, we have created and follow our own standards, specifications and procedures.

Among many other steps, we audit our suppliers' facilities, inspect farms and orchards, and check all crops and production materials for compliance to our standards as they arrive to our facility.

Before harvest we take samples of crops, and send to 3rd party accredited laboratories to analyse for chemical and pesticide residue. With our custom built machine parcour, our final products are consistent in size and shape; and our proprietary ovens dry with consistent moisture levels throughout the season and the years.


With our High-Care Low-Care production systems the microbiological counts are unmatched. After crops are washed thoroughly in multiple steps, they enter into the Low-Care section of our enclosed and refrigerated production facility. As these are fresh crops, there are risks with microbiology. After drying inside our proprietary ovens, microbiological counts come down to very safe levels. High-Care section of our facility is located right after these ovens.

The workers enter into High-Care and Low-Care sections from different change rooms located in the opposite sides of the plant. They wear different colored clothing, and use different tools, materials and machines. High-Care and Low-Care sections are physically separated by walls. There is no risk of cross contamination.


 Ismetpasa Mah. Cali Sk. No: 3, 35980 Dikili, Izmir, TURKEY


Sağancı Mah. Tatartepe Sok. No:12/A, Yenice, 35700 Bergama/İzmir, Turkey

Phone   +90 (0) 232 641 82 00

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