Fruve Natural Foods Farm to Fork Traceability System
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Quality Assurance's goal is to consistently provide the safest and best tasting foods, together with great customer service.

Our QA team employs HACCP as part of Food Safety Assurance System.

Incoming fresh crops, production inputs, equipment surfaces and employee's personal hygiene are checked to ensure food safety. During production, we take samples for chemical, microbiological and physical analyses at our inhouse laboratory.

For cleaning incoming crops before processing, we use water fit for human consumption, Also, every outlet in plant gives the same clean water. Our water filtration is in accordance with the Turkish Ministry of Health's “regulation for water that is intended for human consumption and use”. This water and the filtration system are routinely tested for microbiological and chemical risks.

Metal detection is a standard Critical Control Point for all of our products.

We randomly select sealed product boxes and open them for Microbiological, Chemical and Physical hazards as part of our routine controls.


Traceability starts with seeds and seedlings, which are purchased by our own Purchasing Department. All our seeds are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and come with an Orange Certificate which indicates their high quality.

As part of our traceability system our Quality Assurance records all inputs and processes, from planting of seeds to metal detection of finished products, every stage of production is recorded. We offer complete Farm to Fork traceability with confidence: we can trace production lots, individual pallets, and down to a single box.

In the unlikely event of a recall, our customers don't have to recall a complete container. You will know exactly which boxes to recall.


We are able to perform many analyses at our on-site laboratory, some of these are:

Physical Analysis

Detect Sorting

Chemical Analysis

pH: ISO 1842
Brix° : ISO 2173
% Titratable Acid : ISO 750
% Salt : Mohr
% Moisture : ISO 7701, 7702, 7703, SartoriusTS
Total Sulphur (SO2) : 8131

Microbiology Analysis

Aerobic colony count :ISO 7954
Yeast: ISO 2173
Molds : ISO 7954
E. coli : ISO 16649 - 1 or 2
Enterobacteriaceae : ISO 21528-2
Coliform : ISO 4832

For analysis of pathogenic microorganism, we use accredited 3rd party laboratories that we have agrements with:

Pathogenic Microorganism Analysis

Coagulase positive staphylococci :EN/ISO 6888- 1 or 2
Salmonella spp : EN/ISO 6579
Listeria monocytogenes : ISO 11290-1 or 2