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The wind surfers have gathered here on this beautiful coastal city of Candarlı, famous for its seafood and of course for its constantly strong and predictable winds.

National Wind Surfing Championships are taking place in exactly this city, and the beach a short 30 minute ride away from TEVAZU production plant.

TEVAZU GIDA AS. is the fruit and vegetable processing arm, while FRUVE NATURALS GIDA A.S. (aka. Fruve Natural Foods) is the sales and marketing arm of the MUBAY GROUP of COMPANIES. This year, MUBAY is one of the primary sponsors of the wind surfing championship. We are only too happy to be able to give back to the local community – even in some small measure.

As a 4 part race, the second leg of the competition is held here in Candarlı, 1st was in Seferihisar 3rd will be in Urla and finals will be held in Cesme.

Our contribution to the event isn’t just financial of course. As a food company, it wouldn’t be fitting of us to not contribute with some delicious FRUVE goodies.

We brought with us a spread of our products to rejuvenate the athletes and spectators alike, namely: 

Oven Semi Dried IQF Tomatoes (with Fruve’s Mediterranean marinate,) Cherry Tomatoes (with Fruve’s Aegean garlic marinate,) These were served with freshly baked breads and cheese.

Also Oven Semi Dried IQF Figs, Apricots, Apples and Strawberries were available to satisfy the sugar cravings. 

As snacks, our Oven Dried Orange Chips, Mandarin Chips, Lemon Chips, Apple Chips and Strawberries were served.

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