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Our accounting employee Ms. Ilerier celebrates her 5th year with Mubay.

We have been extremely proud to celebrate the 5th year of Ms. İlerier's employment at the accounting department here at Mubay. As is our tradition, a small token of our appreciation of her years, a "quarter gold" was awarded to her by our Chairman Mr. Mehmet Mavuk.

Mr. Mehmet Mavuk also made a small speech addressing all of the employees in the cafeteria. In his speech, he thanked Ms. İlerier as well as all employees for their hard work and diligence with Mubay.

The event was not announced to Ms. İlerier before hand, who was indeed surprised by the attention she received. She very graciously thanked Mr. Mavuk for her present.

Wait, a gold piece for award?

Gifting gold is a very old tradition here in Turkey. Frequently affixed on brides wedding gowns, grooms suits as well as onto the pillow of newborns. Gold has been the instrument of choice for investment since time immemorial in Turkey. While in the past 50 years other investment options such as foreign currencies, bonds and funds became more popular (with the gradual liberalization of the Turkish economy), the records set by gold prices in the past 10 years again made it the top choice to park money.

A full gold piece weighs 7 gr. and is 22 carats, while a quarter weighs 1,75 gr and is 22 carats.

Mubay Group of Companies encompasses the three companies of Tevazu Gıda (food manufacturing arm), Fruve Natural Foods (sales and marketing arm) and Mubay Farming and Greenhouse (farm cultivation arm).

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