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Our tomato harvests for 2019 has begun

Güncelleme tarihi: 20 May 2020

All over Turkey's Anatolian peninsula, tomato harvests have begun. As Fruve Natural Foods, we are also part of this foray.

Tomato is a delicate fruit and it's plant requires much attention during planting and growth. With tomato, it is usually the case that the more attention you place onto the plant, the more yield it will give you.

It is not always up to the farmer of course, as last year's tomato crop failures showed. The moth Tuta absoluta, also known as the "tomato leaf miner", wrecked havoc in the fields all over the Mediterranean coast including Turkey. In order to avoide a repeat of last year, farmers have taken precautions such as pheromone, water and light traps, hand picking the infected leafs and such.

Fortunately the expected yield of field tomato is much higher this year compared to the last. And for the forecast on tuta moth infestation, initial signs are promising with much lower reported damages thus far. It could be due to the precautions taken by farmers or due to seasonal patterns.

There are various chemical solutions, of course. But these carry risks of pesticide chemical residue and heavy metal residues. Here at Fruve Natural Foods, we are committed to providing the safest and most delicious products. Therefore, the use of pesticides are carefully controlled. As part of our purchasing procedures, sample lots are sent to independent laboratories for analysis before harvest. Only after the results indicate a safe product, harvest starts.

As for the rest of the steps? These tomatoes are oven dried into our popular Chef Ready(R) Semi Dried IQF Tomatoes, available in the following cuts: slices, segments, cubes and halves.

Please ask us for pesticide chemical residue and heavy metal residue analysis; we will be happy to provide these for you. 

Wishing you all a lovely summer from your frieds at Fruve Natural Foods!

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