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Teaching healthy choices to tomorrow's consumers

We visited K1 and K2 students in the local Kindergartens in the city of Bergama to teach tomorrow's young adults about healthy food choices.

Snacking is a part of life, but it does not have to be just the sugar-laden, artificially flavoured or the fatty, fried options. We can offer so much more here at FRUVE Natural Foods.

We brought with us healthy snacks to show that great taste does not have to be "sinful", so to say. Wrapped in small packages to fit cute tiny hands, we had Oven Dried Apple Chips, Orange Chips, Mandarin Chips, Strawberry Chips, Tomato Poppers and Zucchini Chips with us. These snacks are engineered to be crispy and naturally sweet.  

 White little ones enjoyed their 100% natural treats, our very own Mavuk*, Mr. Buruc Mavuk explained the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day. And when hit by a pang of hunger, how to make smart choices about snacks.

It is important that we battle the obesity epidemic that is looming in the developed nations and the developing nations alike. We are only too proud if we were able to contribute in the smallest bit in this fight. 

Fruve Natural Foods, Tevazu Gida and Mubay Seracilik companies operate under the Mubay Holdings Inc. umbrella, and all of which are wholly owned by the Mavuk family. Mr. Buruc Mavuk is part of that same Mavuk family.

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