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Picnic on the Kozak Mountain Valley Resort

Celebrating the end of the tomato season at MÜBAY Seracilik, the farming arm of company, the staff of MÜBAY, TEVAZU and FRUVE got together for our annual picnic affair.

The tour bus met with the staff at TEVAZU parking lot and picked up the lucky ones who were able to attend. Notably missing on the bus were many of the TEVAZU staff (production plant). A last-minute rush on one of the orders meant that production date was pushed up, forcing Tevazu staff to remain behind.

For this summer's traditional picnic, Kozak Yaşam Vadisi was the chosen venue. Large green plateau (Kozak Yaylasi as locally known) in the Madra mountain allows for plenty of privacy and a chance to immerse with nature; while the facilities such as BBQ pit, cleaning stations and plenty of washrooms have the whole experience feel comfortable. While ladies preferred to have a game of volleyball, some of the guys were busy on the BBQ pit. The remainder guys were last seen chasing after a football and didn't reappear only when BBQ cooking was finished. Makes one believe in coincidences, almost.

A ever traditional Yakar Top was played, of course - no picnic would be complete without it. What the devil is yakar top I hear some scream at their screen. Well, the rules are simple enough, two teams are formed. First team stays in the middle and the second team takes up position on the back and front of the first. A ball is tossed between the two fronts of the second team, trying to strike the first team members located in the middle. When the first team is out of unstriked members, positions change and game is repeated. The winner is the team that knocks out the other players the quickest.

Just as the game was getting too competitive and nerves were fraying, and the accounting ladies were visibly red in the face - the roasted food came to the rescue! Mr. Mehmet MAVUK the chairman for MÜBAY Group of Companies made a short speech thanking all for their hard work as another successful year came to a close at the farming arm. During speech, plates of Çığırtma was handed out. Çığırtma is a local dish known as Bergama's contribution to the rich Turkish cuisine. It is 100% vegan. Taking summer vegetables of eggplant, green peppers and tomatoes and roasting in low heat for long hours inside a deep dish, and topped with a healthy portion of local olive oil and whole garlic segments. Simple yet out of this world. Our Çığırtma was prepared at the wood fired ovens of the valley resort, which added a deep rich smoky flavor.   To our clients visiting us, please do let us know if you like to sample the local dishes including Çığırtma, when you visit us. Our plant is lucky enough to be situated equidistant from the seafood cuisine of Dikili and country style wholesome cuisine of Bergama. Plenty of options to satisfy any picky eater! Well I ramble on, so going back to the picnic - the meat is roasted while games are played; just as nerves are frayed, Çığırtma comes to the rescue! Our Mr. Mavuk reveals the secret ingredient he asked the valley resort cooks to add to the dish: segment cut Oven Semi Dried IQF Tomatoes! Please don't tell me you were surprised dear reader. The MÜBAY family devours our products at every opportunity we get. Doesn’t help the company bottom-line, but she raises the morale! After devouring Çığırtma with oven semi dried tomatoes, BBQ meat were feasted upon. Thank you, our smoke covered chefs, we love you for your labours.

Though accounting ladies did notice you eating a lot of that meat during grilling, we love you no less – just don't think you fooled the bookkeepers!

As the hour approached evening, picnic is wrapped up and we bid farewell to our beautiful mountain valley.

Until next time MÜBAY family, take care of yourself!

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