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New Year's Eve Celebration à Dikili, Izmir!

This year too, the tradition was preserved! The office staff at MÜBAY got together to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

Between factory and the greenhouses, there was indeed a large crowd of attendees. As always, it was a great opportunity for different offices to meet up and see each other again. There were some noticeable absentees, you know yourselves!

This year, the event was held in the town of Dikili, a seaside fishing village turned beach getaway. Dikili is famous for its seafood, and naturally we had to take advantage of that fact. Our place of celebration was Deniz Restaurant. Doing justice to its name, located right on the sea. (Deniz meaning sea in Turkish) The evening meal included cold appetizers, Shepherd salad with crumbled feta cheese, as well as grilled seabass served with deviled potatoes and thin slices of pink tomatoes. The tomatoes are from our greenhouses, but of course – no surprises there! For dessert, a layered cake with mixed fruits and vanilla cream.

Our company chairman Mr. MAVUK gave a short speech, stressing the importance of family, integrity and team work. After which the music and dancing started. Mr. MAVUK had a surprise up his sleeves, and the entertainer of the night was no other than Refik (pronounced Rayfeek).For the readers who haven’t been to a wedding in Northern part of İzmir, let us tell you; he is a big deal. His voice is soft as silk, but just as importantly he can play many number of instruments expertly. The trick he shows off when given sufficient applause? Play the guitar holding it up behind his head and with the guitar facing the other direction! I regret not having made a video of the spectacle, but come on.. I was drinking that night..

There were bouts of Turkish and American pop music, followed by Halay, a traditional dance with boys and girls holding by pinky fingers and dancing ensemble (no really).Though, to the casual observer, halay with no davul or zurna (traditional drums and clarion) surely looked.. strange.. But hey we had fun. That’s what counts, right?

 The festive mood continued on until 12:30, at which time the venue had to close down the party.As the restaurant is located within a certain legal distance to residential buildings, there cannot be loud music after 12:30 AM.Alas the staff doth protest, methinks (quote from Hamlet – sort of)But the rules couldn’t be bent, and the party was over.

So, we thank all those who attended the event.Personally, this blogger just cannot wait until the next company party.

*A separate celebration was held with the non-managerial staff. As quite a few of them did not want to be photographed, I am going to respect their wishes and not write about that separate engagement.

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