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Mr. Mehmet MAVUK Birthday

Today we made a surprise to our company chairman Mr. Mehmet MAVUK with celebration of his birthday. 

Office staff at Mr. MAVUK's floor gathered in his room with 2 birthday cakes. Uncertain if he would prefer a white chocolate or a fruit cake, they bought one of each! So very sweet of them.

Mr. MAVUK expressed his surprise and thanked them for their polite gesture before blowing the candles.

We are a family at MUBAY. We are not like a family, we are a family. 

 The readers of this blog might notice that there were no FRUVE products on display, nor were the cakes made of our own Oven Dried Mandarins, Oranges, Lemons, Apples or Strawberries. It is true, we like to eat our stock! But hey, this was a surprise occasion, and our lovely ladies cannot be expected to think of everything :D 

 Perhaps our Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Yasin MAVUK should have thought of this, hmm? We love you too Yasin, we are just joking of course ;)

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