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New Year's Eve Celebration
30 December, 2018

As is tradition the staff at MÜBAY, TEVAZU and FRUVE got together for the celebrating the arrival of 2019.Fruve Mübay Tevazu new year celebration

No matter the origin of their office - be it the city of Dikili (farming operations), Bergama (production) or Izmir (sales), everyone seemed to relish the chance to see each other. 

The event took place in a Bergama hotel ballroom, its chef known for his signature roast beef dish. Following a short welcome speech by the company chairman Mr. MAVUK, the dancefloor opened for business.

Traditional, loud and ever-present davul was a big part of the pieces played by the band Pergamon. The "elderly" Sedat (aged 35) from factory maintenance and Gamze (37) from farming operations were the first ones to flee the scene of davul. A testament to their fun loving spirit, no doubt.

Now let's be honest about to the real reason why you are reading this blog.. To learn about the menu of course! Without further adue:

The 5 course dinner started with an appetizer of thinly sliced pink MÜBAY beefsteak tomatoes served with basil pesto. The entree was the chef's signature of roast beef accompanied by slice cut oven semi dried tomatoes, cooked with rosemary and beef au jus. The oven semi dried tomatoes are naturally our own. The dessert being fruit cake with layers of crushed nuts and cream, topped with white chocolate frosting; baked only with TEVAZU products of oven dried and oven semi dried fruits. 

Fruve Mübay Tevazu new year celebration

After the event, we did a quick poll on the event. It was commonly agreed that food service was the highlight of the evening. As Ayşe from HR put it, "the oven semi dried figs, oven semi dried apricots and oven dried mandarins stole the show for me." Well, bon appetite Ayşe from HR! Also was the common opinion that this year's venue was better compared to last year's fish restaurant in Dikili beach front.

Thank you our lovely sisters and brothers in arms. See you all on the 2nd of January.

Fruve Mübay Tevazu new year celebration