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Goat Cheese and Sucuk Paçanga Böreği

Pronounced: Pachangeh Boereghee

PREPARATION AND SERVICE 30 mins    4 servings  

  • Cut Yufka into 8 equal pieces, like a pizza slice.
  • Add water in frying pan, and cook Sucuks with high heat. Remove from heat, and leave in room temperature to cool.
  • Inside bowl, put Chef Ready® Semi Dried Tomato, goat cheese, Fresh cheese curd, fresh Kaşar cheese, parsley and dill. Add your cooled Sucuks.
  • Mix thoroughly by hand.
  • Using a spoon, take some mix and place on the long side of Yufka.
  • Divide mix equally among each 8 Yufka pieces.
  • Using pastry brush, spread egg whites on the 2-3 cm of Yufka's thin edge.
  • Roll Yufka by hand, starting from the side with the mix, towards the thin edge. Börek is now formed.
  • Pour olive oil onto the pan, and turn on medium heat until oil is hot enough to fry.
  • Fry all sides of Börek, until a dark yellow, golden color.
  • Cut Böreks diagonally.
  • Serve with a strawberry dip on the side.
  • Strawberry Dip

    1. Inside bowl, put Chef Ready® Semi Dried Strawberry, strained yoghurt, sour cream, mayonnaise and salt
    2. Using a fork, mix thoroughly by hand.
    3. Place in refrigerator to cool before service.
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    Chef's recommendation:
    You can serve your hot borek with strawberry dip.