Corporate Information

FRUVE is part of MUBAY Group of Companies which was founded by Mehmet MAVUK. Mr. Mavuk is still active as the Chairman of the Board, while day to day operations are run by team of professional managers as well as his three sons.

At FRUVE family extends beyond last names, our employees and indeed all of our stakeholders are part of our larger family. As a family, everyday we work together to accomplish our mission and vision statements:
We will prepare high quality foods that are fit for consumption by our own children and grandchildren.
We will never take short-cuts for short term profits.
In the B2B sectors we service, our name will become synonymous with quality.
We will intently listen to our customers' needs, demands and criticisms for constant improvement.

Our company motto reads:
" FRUVE means QUALITY, and that's our PROMISE "

Mehmet MAVUK Our Founder

Sustainable Agriculture


12 months of the year our salaried agricultural engineers visit contract farmers on a routine basis. In every visit they evaluate the plant and crop health, as well as the health of the cultivation in the surrounding fields.

If there is a threat or the tell-tale signs of trouble, they advise the farmer the actions to take. And they visit again to oversee the application of whatever action subscribed.

By enforcing strict control over our contract farmers, we receive the highest quality crop and diminished ecological foot-print while improving the knowledge of our farmers.

MUBAY Greenhouse

FRUVE plant is located just 5 km away from our 6 ha. modern tomato greenhouse.

Our greenhouse is fully computer automated and also featuring:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system: Predatory insects naturally found in the environment are used in fighting against harmful pests. Our predatory insects feed on these pests' larvae, eliminating our need for pesticides. We produce better, healthier crops
  • 100% certified non-GMO seeds (genetically modified organisms)
  • Biological pollination by bees: We don't use any artificial hormones
  • Certified in GLOBAL G.A.P. and ITU (Turkish Good Agricultural Practices)

Our fresh tomatoes are sold in local and international markets.