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Lemon Trifle

PREPARATION AND SERVICE 80 mins    4 servings  

Lemon Curd Preparation

  • Place into mixing bowl the eggs, egg yolks, lemon juice, sugar, grated lemon peels and vanillin.
  • Place bowl over hot water, and whisk continuously. Slowly add pieces of butter, while continuing to whisk.
  • Use mesh sieve to separate the hard pieces from the lemon curd. Place lemon curd aside to cool to room temperature.
  • Use mixer to whip heavy cream until it is thickened. Add the lemon curd and continue whipping.
  • Lemon curd is now ready.
  • Biscotti Savoiardi with Strawberry Lemon Sorbet Preparation

  • Put into food processor jar, cold water, Chef Ready® Semi Dried Strawberry and Chef Ready® Oven Dried Lemon. Use the processor to blend and cut fruits into fine pieces.
  • Strain hard pieces from sorbet.
  • Break biscotti savoiardis into two; soak pieces in sorbet.

  • Service

  • Place at the bottom of glass cup a layer of lemon curd. Place biscotti soaked in sorbet as a second layer.
  • Repeat this layering of lemon curd and biscotti steps for a second time.
  • Let dessert rest in refrigerator for 6-8 hours.
  • Service.
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    Chef's recommendation:
    For added pleasure, serve with vanilla ice cream on top of dice cut Chef Ready® Dried Apple; or vanilla ice-cream garnished with Chef Ready® Dried Melon Chips.