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Grilled Pergamon Toast Sandwich

PREPARATION AND SERVICE 15 mins    1 servings  

  • Slice sucuk and put onto frying pan. Add a very small amount of water. Cook sucuk slices in high heat.
  • Slice Chef Ready® Semi Dried Tomato and all remaining ingredients, and place them on one piece of toast.
  • Place the cooked sucuk slices on the same toast.
  • Place the other toast bread on top. Your toast sandwich is nor formed.
  • Use pastry brush to cover the outsides of toast bread with olive oil.
  • Cook toast breads in preheated sandwich pan until outsides of breads are browned.
  • Cut toasts diagonally.
  • Service.
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    Chef's recommendation:
    Serve with oven baked finger cut potatoes and citrus flavoured
    Turkish tea for added pleasure.