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Crops never leave our plant after arrival. We carry out all of the processing steps in-house. Our plant is designed and operated with High-Care Low-Care food production practices, which ensure superior hygiene standards.


In our oven drying process, there are none of the physical, chemical or microbiological contaminants that is contracted while sun drying on a field. Also unlike sun drying, we don't use any additives like sulphur or salt to stop crops from spoiling while drying.

Our oven dried products are fit for consumption right off the oven.

- No sulphur, salt, or chemicals used while drying
- No chlorine or detergents used to wash with after drying
- No additives, preservatives, or chemicals at any step
- No allergens
- Even, homogenously dried products

For a detailed comparison of Oven Dried vs. Sun Dried products, please click here.


Takes just a few hours to dry tons of crops inside our computer controlled ovens.

Our lineup of machines make the processing steps a breeze. Fresh crops are machine sorted, sized, washed and dried.

We use technology to cut back on processing time, ensuring fresh taste in the final product.


We keep our plant refrigerated throughout the production process. There are no breaks in our cold-chain or deviations from HACCP practices. Our semi-finished products never leave the plant.

Using CO2, we Individually Quick Freeze (IQF) our products before packing. CO2 frozen food tastes superior when defrosted, when compared to the other gases used. As with all of our steps, IQF is done in-house.

After IQF, we store packaged products at -30 oC in our in-house freezer storage.


Our quality control starts at the field. We source most of our crops from contract farmers whom we visit periodically throughout the year to ensure healthy crops and sustainable farming practices.

Upon harvesting and receiving the crops at our plant, our in-house laboratory takes samples and tests for chemical, physical and microbiological contaminants. If the crop does not fit our Product Specifications, we refuse the whole truck load. Throughout production, we check again and again to see if there is any deviation from our Product Specifications.

Our procedures and Product Specifications are design in strict abidance to BRC, IFS, HACCP, Kosher and Halal regulations.

Finally, before storing our products in our on-site freezer storage at -30oC, we run them through metal detection.

Our motto says it all…

FRUVE means QUALITY, and that's our PROMISE!